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The 3 Continents festival started in Nantes last week for its 34th edition.

This movie event is far off the big blockbuster industry and is dedicated to the « southern » filmmakers from Africa, Latine America and Asia.
I took part to last year’s edition as a photographer and was thrilled by the very good atmosphere.

On one hand, it allowed me to watch relatively unknown movies, out of the popular western view of cinema. These movies are simple storytales, with no special effects, low budgets, and still of very high quality.
On the other hand, this festival gathers people from so many countries and cultures that you can have chats about parking tickets with a jordanian director, and the minute after, about french politics with a Sri-Lanka cinema student. This melting-pot aspect, I must admit, is the most important part of the festival.
This is why I wanted to participate again this year and at this point, I am enjoying it again.

So far
– Penance by Kiyoshi Kurosawa (Japan). A 5 hours series based movie. I am sorry I could not stay longer, but I had to work…
– Nosilatiaj / La Belleza by Daniela Seggiaro (Argentina)
– The last friday by Yahya Alabdallah (Jordan)
– Memories Look at me by Song Fang (China)
– Fidaï by Damien Ounouri (Algeria, Germany, China, France)
– « Bir d’eau », a walkmovie by Djamil Beloucif (Algeria, Switzerland)

And so many known and new faces from all over the world !


Please click on the image above to access the photo gallery.

More updates to come.


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