2013 ITSF World Cup

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The 2013 ITSF World Championship ended yesterday in Nantes with a great joy for the french team.

After Belgium was qualified for 3rd place in semi-finals, the final match between France and USA in the Nations tournament was expected to be spectacular.

And yes it was !

For 2 hours and 5 sets, this match was followed by both american and french supporters with a great enthousiasm. « USA ! USA ! » shouted one side. « Allez la France » on the other side. But Sébastien Meckes made the french team winner by scoring the final point, causing a monstruous roar in the crowd of supporters, teammates and other players.

On the other hand the women team did well too by winning the 3rd place after a stressfull match against Switzerland.


Apart from these victories of France, and other countries, this 2013 ITSF World Cup had great games,  filled with tensions and emotions, but also very nice encounters of people from everywhere in the world and a great pleasure meeting again people I already knew from last year. I would like to thank and greet all the players (not only the winners) and the ITSF Commitee for this great event which was a very good way to start this new year.

I’m really looking forward to next edition !


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  1. Ekaterina  janvier 7, 2013

    It was nice seeing you, too! I had sucha a nice time again! Hope to see you sooner than next year!


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