ITSF Worldcup 2014

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As mentionned before, the ITSF Worldcup is currently taking place in Nantes for its second day. There already are some winners in some cateogories, but more names will come.

The last editions were played in a friendly sportive atmosphere, and it is the same this year. Same faces, new faces, same countries, new countries too. Argentina and Pakistan are participating for the first time this year, but unfortunately, the latter has been declared forfiet because of a delayed flight.

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Coupe du monde ITSF 2014

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The International Table Soccer Federation’s 2014 World Cup will start in Nantes next Friday (december 19th).

500 Players from 40 countries will gather in the breton city to fight each other with a tiny balloon. Despite the high level (national and world champions will be there), the friendly atmosphere will be the most important feeling about this buzzing place where more than 30 matches can be played simultaneously.

I will attend this event for the 3rd time, so if you are in ...

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